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ITPP1 Tactile guide stripe for the blind and for the visually impaired

Art. no: ITPP1-SZ

ITPP1 Tactile guiding stripe for the blind and for the people with weak vision. It is an excellent tool to creat an acccessible, barrier-free area.


Length: 50cm
Width: 3.5cm
Height: 3mm
Weight: 70g

ITPP1 is a tactile guide band which can be post installed afterwards for the blind and for the partially sighted people. In those institutions where the afterward accessibility is to be carried out without the change of the floor covering this is an ideal long-term solution for using our outstanding product. The same patterned and colored warning marks are also available for the guide stripes. . It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Installing with polyurethane glue to the floor covering is simple and quick. It is suggested to use an installation template.For more information, contact our staff.