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IT AM6, Folding shower seat

Art. no: IT AM6

Due to the fact that the hygienic area is such a place where every individual requires the maximum autonomy, during the construction of the home and public aqueous rooms we need to think of the most ideal solution for the disabled people and for all users who have mobility issues. At the same time we need to consider the fact that the grab bars and any other accessory can be used not only by the disabled people, moreover our company offers such hygienic appliances which ensures a more comfortable and safer usage of the toilets and bathrooms for the elderly people also.

The wall-mounted, folding shower seat is made of stainless steel. This sanitary accessory is developed for disabled and elderly people. The corrosion-resistant coating of the 32mm diameter and 1,5mm thick tubes is ensuring long lasting usage of the seat with its 120 kg capacity feature.  


Material, coating

stainless steel, AISI 304, varnished


130*518*480 mm


Other dimension


pipe diameter: 32mm


Country of origin

Induct Trade Ltd.